Little church with light and sound V 1.0 for FS17

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Little church with light and sound V 1.0 for FS17
Chapel with light and sound function V 1.0
After almost two months now my second mod:
The model of this building is the chapel of Vollmer (see picture). Since I needed a little excursion destination for my map, this chapel modeled me. Now I would like to offer this to you also to be able to beautify your map.
Light: The chapel has a neon tube in the entrance area, which can be turned on / off with the left switch
Sound: Use the right switch to turn on the bells of the chapel
Installation instructions for the correct installation in the map are included.
I am open to any suggestions for improvement and constructive criticism.
On request, a placeable version can follow, so that even those who are not so familiar with the Giants editors can also have a way to embellish their map.
The object was exported with the GE 7.0.2
Finally the usual:
It is not allowed to upload the object again. When sharing, please use the original link.
And always remember: RESPECT FOR MODDERS
Modell: Marc_6500
Textur: Marc_6500
Script: /
Idee / Konzept:/
Tester: /

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