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Hi this is my first map for the LS 17.

Version 1.8
– Map adapted to Seasonmod that means there is no snow in the buildings and on the streets, there was the
Streaming service on the road.
– All the trees on the Great Country exchanged because of the Seasonmod looks even more beautiful if in the autumn
The leaves become discolored and in winter no leaves are on the tree.
– Texture error in the cheese pallets.
– New triggers installed at the grain mill.
– Silo filling capacity increased to 900000 capacity.
– Pallet production is doubled.
– Server errors fixed up to 7 pieces but are not game related
– At the refinery the compost quantity reduced

Great Country has 21 fields from 2.5 ha to 23.5 ha, one of which is already in your possession. It is chopped straw installed. Now a small list of the built-up objects or buildings. The Seedmaster, Seedmixer, Mixing Station, Beer Production, Pallet Production, Barley Malt Production, Liquid Fertilizer Production, Biodiesel Production, H-Milk and Cheese Production and the Composting System, Wood Processing from Pallet to Charcoal. A workshop for the repair of your vehicles is also available, one at your farm, one at the vehicle dealer and one near the hotel. A seed and fertilizer storage is also available. Six greenhouses from lettuce to strawberries are also found in Great Country. There are still oats, rye, millet, and mixed cereals You can sell chicken, potatoes, milk, sugar, H-milk, charcoal, cheese, turnips and everything you have produced in the greenhouses at the hotel, inn, and supermarket. At the DIY store Toon, straw, straw bales, manure, manure, compost, pallets, logs and wood chips can be sold. Leg toon market, seed and fertilizer can be purchased for a good price, or even sold. At the Nordzucker you can turn your beetroots to sugar there, or produce sugar yourself. At the spinning you can sell your wool. If you still have time, you can still get into the forestry tree trunks you can process to woodchuck with wood chopper or sell in the lake (Lumbermil). Wood chips at the BMKW and as already mentioned at the Toon building market. A biogas plant is also available, where you can generate silage electricity. At the Eifko, Landi, train station, and at the Grainstation you can sell all the fruits Required mods: Chopped Straw. Https:// Kotte Universal Pack. Http:// I wish you much fun on the map and possible errors can be sent to me by mail. The map may be published but only with the use of the original download link on other pages. I would like to help with all the me the last months, with my problem! Thank you again for it !!! About constructive criticism, I would be very grateful. About a review I would be very happy!

Installed mods, textures and scripts by: KevinK98, Farmer_Andy, Marhu, RC_Devil, GTX Mods., niggels, FS modding , Kastor, NKB-Modding, Kevink98, Nils23, fasi, auwgl, BlackSheep, FSM Modding Team, Kyosho, NLD Farmer, fqC art, möchtergernbauer.
Fals ich jemanden vergessen haben sollte dann möchte der jenige sich bei mir melden.

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