Wooden Table For Mobile Hacker HEM 583 Z

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Wooden Table For Mobile Hacker HEM 583 Z V 1.1

Quote from the author:
Hello dear community LS15,
herewith is my first version of the attachment table for the Jenz chipper for disposal. You go buy the part simply placed it on a beliebeigen location on the map and provides your Hackers in the intended Poition.
Then it can actually already set to go.
The table is long enough to complete the trees by the hackers to jagen.Ihr soltet you make only short of the Jens Hem the trees actually feeding.
On the table is space for several Bäum.Der table should be placed on a flat surface werden.Ich am happy about each download :).


Since this is not perfect yet the V1.

Model: johndeere7920
Textures: CGTextures

File version: V 1.1     Size: 4.61 MB

  Rating: 4.5 / 4  
by modsplanet jonni
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